Georgia Peach Wax Melt

Georgia Peach Wax Melt

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Ripe, juicy, straight from the tree in the Georgia Peach orchard. Our Georgia Peach wax melts will have  you craving that southern surgary goodness that keeps you coming back for more. Peach has never smelled quite this good! 

RYMPLE RIDGE wax melts are made from clean natural coconut soy wax. Hand poured in small batches in Central Ohio.  All our wax melts are 2.5 ouches with over 20 hours of optimal scent throw per cube.

  • Being an electrical device or one that operates with a tea light, always follow the same rules of care that you would with any other similar items, keeping in mind that a wax melter does have a heating element of some kind. So, always follow the instructions for use in the box.
  • Next, never leave a wax melter unattended. Always turn it off or unplug it when unattended. 
  • When melting wax in your melter, be sure it is out of reach of children and pets. The melted wax and the melter can get very hot and cause burns. Also, always make sure that the wax has hardened and the warmer is cool before removing used wax.
  • As with any melter device, keep the wax burner away from all liquids.  If you do happen to spill something on your warmer, be sure to turn it off right away and unplug it. Do not use the warmer again until you are sure that it has dried completely and it's not damaged.